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In a Cabin in the Woods

In a Cabin in the Woods

In a cabin in the woods
<make house with hands over head>
L'il old man by the window stood
<old man with hand above eyes looking out>
saw a rabbit hopping by, helpless as could be
<two fingers up like rabit; make hand hop>
help me, help me help, he said
<arms waving frantically (said in high voice)>
For the hunter shoots me dead
<tommy gun motion (low voice)>
come little rabbit come with me
<beckoning motion>
happy we will always be
<cradling motion, or stomach rubbing motion>

The song is usually repeated:
the second time the first verse is hummed,
the third time the first and second verses are hummed,
and so on, until the end


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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