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The Maid of Cabra West

The Maid of Cabra West

I'll tell you a tale of a fair young maid
 That in Cabra West did reside
Meself, I live up in Donnybrook
 Its a one-and-a-fipenny ride
But there was a fly in the ointment now
 That you very seldom see
For although I loved her terrible well
 She was in love with a Portugee!

Now he was a nasty piece of goods
 Gonzales was his name
And he couldn't wait till he got his hands
 On Concepta - who was me dame!
So I made a vow be the Grand Canal
 That I would do him in
'Cos I didn't think much of them Portugees
 And in  particular - I didn't like him!

So I follied them up to Grafton Street
 One evening' just for one
Around by the Mercer's Hospital
 It's next door to the Bartley Dunne!
Sure I spied them sitting' in the corner seat
They was kissing' and holding hands
 Ah! There he was seducing her
 With pints of Babycham

So I follied him up to his lodgings
 In Rathgar or thereabouts
And as he was going up an alleyway
 I battered him inside out
He gave out many's the curse and swear
 'Til he was dead, I'm sure
Then I lifted up the manhole lid
 And I dropped him down the sewer!

Now when the mot she heard of this
 Sure she made me life a hell
So just for the sake of peace and quiet
 I did her in as well
And its now I'm up before the judge
 To answer for me crime
He says " I wouldn't mind the first one, Son
 Ah, but not the second time"

So its all for the love of that fair young maid
 And her Portugee sailor boy
For the passionate love of that fair young maid
I landed in Mountjoy
And if ever I get out again
I'll change me ways, you'll see
And I'll marry with a woman from Walkinstown
Who wouldn't look at a Portugee!

A song with everything - love, lust, violence, racism, sexism, extraneous
information ..... Recorded by Frank Harte. MR

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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