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March of the Cameron Men

March of the Cameron Men

There's many a man of the Cameron Clan
that has followed his Chief to the field:
He has sworn to support him or die by his side,
for a Cameron never can yield.

cho: I hear the pibroch sounding, sounding,
     Deep o'er the mountain and glen,
     While light-springing footsteps are trampling the heath,
     'Tis the march of the Cameron Men

Oh! proudly they walk; but each Cameron knows,
he may tread on the heather no more;
But boldly he follows his Chief to the field,
where his laurels were gather'd before

The moon has arisen, it shines o'er the path
now tread by the gallant and true;
High, high are their hopes, for their Chieftain hath said,
that whatever men dare they can do.

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"March of Cameron Men"

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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