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Can't Ye Hilo?

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Can't Ye Hilo?

Young gals love to dance wi' Jack
     Young gals, can't ye Hilo?
I have always had me whack
     Young gals can't ye Hilo?

Young gals, good gals, bad gals, O
I will take them all in tow.

Love 'em all both old and young
Thin gals, fat gals let 'em all come.

When I was a young man in me prime
I chased them coloured gals all the time

Dance, gals, dance, till the break of day
Let's all dance our cares away.

High brown, dark brown, yeller gals, O!
Lets all go on a big Hilo.

Young gals, young gals, young gals, O!
Rouse 'er up and let's Hilo.

From Shanties  From the Seven Seas, Hugill

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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