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Around Cape Horn

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Around Cape Horn

  D                   A7        D
Around Cape Horn the young men go
  A7                D
When the young men go away
  A7                   D
Then the young girls dress up neat
  D        G
They go a-cruisin' down the street
REFRAIN:  Right fol day, fol-de-diddle day
           A7                            D

Right fol right-o, fol-de-diddle day

Far from the fields are the young men gone
Far from home and all forlorn
Wish to God they'd never been born
For to go out cruisin' round Cape Horn ...

And when those young men do come home
This is the story that they hear
"Welcome home, you need not fear
No one has courted me, my dear." ...

Bright false smiles they like for to wear
Bright false bows in long false hair
White satin shoe with a silver bow
Take those young men all in tow ...

From Gale Huntington, Songs the Whalemen Sang

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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