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Light on Cape May

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Light on Cape May

The wind it blew from sou'-sou'-east, it blew a pleasant breeze,
And the man up on the lookout cried, "A light upon our lee!"
They reported to the captain, and these words he did say,
"Oh, cheer up, my jolly sailor lads, it's the light on Cape May!"

cho: It's watch 'er, it's catch 'er
     She's up in the jubeju!
     It's brace her yards and give her sheet
     And the boys'll put her through.
     For the wind it was blowing
     And also it was free,
     On our passage home from Liverpool
     To Phil-a-del-fi-ee.

The pilots, they boarded her, they boarded her in time
Saying, "Keep her off by nor'-nor'-west to clear the Brandywine!"
For the wind it was blowing, and also it was free,
On our passage home from Liverpool to Phil-a-del-fi-ee.

From Shantymen and Shanty-boys, Doerflinger
Note: An obvious variant on the Bigler, but with a major key
     tune, collected by Sandburg.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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