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See, See, the Cape's in View

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See, See, the Cape's in View

Pass the good old bumper 'round
And never count the score
Drink your good old liquor down
And boldly ask for more.

Cho: He who will not merry, merry be
     Shall never taste of joy
     See, see, the cape's in view
     Hark! forward, my brave boys,

Here's health unto her majesty
Ano long may she reign
Queen of all the seven seas
And pride of the Spanish main.

One thing more I'll ask of you
Before l count the score:
Give to me the one I love
And the key to the cellar door.

Once more unto her majesty
Then let the toast go 'round
Confusion to her enemies
Wherever they are found.

From John Roberts and Tony Barrand

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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