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Our Captain's Last Words

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Our Captain's Last Words
(Henry Clay Work)

Where the foremost flag was flying,
Pierced by many shot and shell,
Where the bravest men were dying,
There our gallant captain fell.
     "Boys! you follow now another,
     Follow till the foe may yield,"
     Then he whispered, "Tell my mother
     Stephen died up on the field."
"Mother! Mother! Stephen died upon the field."

Through the battle smoke they bore him
But his words were growing wild,
Heeding not the scene before him
Stephen was once more a child.
     "Ah! She comes. There is no other
     Speaks my name with such a joy,
     Press me to your bosom, mother
     Call me still your darling boy.
"Mother!  Mother! Call me still your darling boy."

Men who were not used to weeping
Turned aside to hide a tear,
When they saw the pallor creeping
That assured them death was near.
     Kindly as he were a brother
     Strangers caught his parting breath,
     Laden with the murmur, "Mother!"
     Last upon his lips in death.
"Mother! Mother! Last upon his lips in death.

From the Songs of Henry Clay Work, Work

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