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Teaming Up the Cariboo Road

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Teaming Up the Cariboo Road

Here comes Henry Currie, he's always in a hurry
     Teaming up the Cariboo road
He makes his horses go through the dust and through the snow
     Teaming up the Cariboo road
You should see him sprintin' to the ball at Clinton
     Teaming up the Cariboo road
He makes his horses dance just like the ladies prance
     Teaming up the Cariboo road

cho: When you hear that whip a-popping
     You bet he's got a load
     When you hear that sweet voice singing
     Stand up rowdy on the Cariboo road

Pete Egan as a rule to his horses he is cruel...
He beats them with a rail puts fire in their tail...
Old Pete can look so wicked when you ask him for a ticket...
At the sight of half a dollar he will grab you by the collar..

Well the driver's on the deck with a rag around his neck...
While the swamper in the stable makes sure the teams are able.
When the roads are in a mire then the freighters earn their hire...
But they can beat the weather when they all pull together...

Parody of "Climbing up the Golden Stairs". 1.1 and 2.1, 2.2
collected by Phil Thomas (with chorus);
rest written by PJT and in his Songs of the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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