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Blooming Caroline of Edinburgh

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Blooming Caroline of Edinburgh

Come all ye tender fair maids, give ear unto my rhyme,
I'll tell you of a fair maid, she was scarcely in her prime,
She beat the blooming roses, was admired all around,
This fair maid's name was Caroline of Edinburgh town.

Young Henry being a Highland lad, a-courting her he came,
And when her parents heard of it, they were angry at the same;
Young Henry being offended, he unto her did say,
"O, rise up, blooming Caroline, and we will go away."

"We will go to London, to London with great speed,
We will go to London, live happy there indeed"
She bundled up her costly clothes, the stairs came tripping down,
And away goes blooming Caroline from Edinburgh town.

O'er lofty hills and mountains together they did roam,
O'er lofty hills and mountains and far away from home;
She says, "True-hearted Henry, if ever you on me frown,
You'll break the heart of Caroline from Edinburgh town."

They had not been in London, in London half a year
Till cruel-hearted Henry began to prove severe,
He says,"Your friends and parents oftimes on me did frown,
Make no delay, but beg your way to Edinburgh town."

Now she's in grief without relief, to the green wood she is gone
To gather meat that she can eat upon the bushes grown
Some there are to pity her and some on her do frown,
And others say, "What made you stray from Edinburgh town ?"

She leaned her back up to an oak and she began to cry
To watch the little small boats and ships as they passed by;
Three sighs she gave for Henry and plunged her body down,
And away goes blooming Caroline of Edinburgh town.

A bonnet, cloak, likewise a note upon the shore was found,
And on the note these lines were wrote, "Here Caroline lies drowned,
She's fast asleep all in the deep, the small fish wavering round,
She's no more the blooming Caroline of Edinburgh town."

Come all ye tender parents and never hinder love,
For if you do, hard fortune will surely on you prove,
For if you do, hard fortune will surely on you frown,
For it broke the heart of Caroline of Edinburgh town.

From Songs of the People, Henry
DT #342
Laws P27

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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