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The Carpool Song

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The Carpool Song
(Marlene Levine)

Oh our children go to Sunday School, and then to the Hebrew school,
And the Junior Congregation and the Pre U.S.Y;
Not to mention music lessons and the Boy Scouts and the Little League
And the orthodontist if they're lucky, and what's left is all free time.

And we all live in the suburbs where the houses are so beautiful,
Where nothing is close to anything and this drives us close to tears,
For we have to drive in carpools and we have to work out schedules
They are all so complicated they would rattle IBM.

For it's Mondays and it's Wednesdays and it's Saturdays and it's Sundays
It's Tuesdays and Thursdays and every Monday night,
There's the early class and the late class and the dancing class and
     the Nature Club,
And our children belong to everything and we drive them everywhere.

And there's no time left for housework, or for cooking, or for marketing
And we only see our hudbands if we see them on the way,
We're either coming or we're going, there are always children waiting
For the carpools, endless carpools, that we frive in every day.

I remember when we traveled using public transportation
But all that was long ago, there's no such thing today,
Things are different, life is better now
That is what all the people tell us
But they don't drive in carpools, endless carpools every day.


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