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Hey Ca' Through

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Hey Ca' Through
(Robert Burns)

It's up wi' the carles o' Dysart
And the lads o' Buckhaven
And the kimmers o' Largo
And the lasses o' Leven.

cho: Hey, ca' through, ca' through,
     For we hae mickle ado!
     Hey, ca' through, ca' through,
     For we hae mickle ado!

We hae tales tae tell
And we hae sangs tae sing;
We hae pennies tae spend
And we hae pints tae bring.

We'll live a' our days
And them that come behind,
Let them do the like
And spend the gear they win.

Contributed by Robert Burns to the Scots Musical Museum, but
possibly older, as additional verses have been collected in the
tradition. The places mentioned are all in Fife.  Frequently
recorded, e.g. by the Fisher Family, Jean Redpath, and Andy M.
Stewart on "The Songs of Robert Burns." RW

     a': all
     ca'through: continue working, carry on, keep at it
     carles: men, common folk (compare "churl")
     gear: earnings, wealth
     hae: have
     kimmers: women, especially older women or gossips
     mickle ado: much to do
     sangs: songs
     tae: to


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