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Cattle Call

Cattle Call
(Tex Owens)

 When the cattle are prowlin'
 The coyotes are howlin'
 Out where he doggies bawl
 Where spurs are a jinglin'
 This cowboys a singin'
 A lonesome cattle call
 (long yodel)

 I ride in the sun
 Till my days work is done
 Roundin up cattle each fall
 (short yodel)
 Singin my cattle call

 For hours I will ride
 On the range far and wide
 Night winds blow up a squall
 I don't care what the weather
 My hearts light as a feather
 Singin' my cattle call.
 (long yodel)

 There is also one version with the lines
 He's brown as a berry
 From ridin' the prairie
 And he sings with an old western drawl

as recorded by Slim Whitman

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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