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The Celebrated Workingman

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The Celebrated Workingman
(Ed Foley)

I'm a celebrated workingman, my duties I don't shirk
I can cut more coal than any man from Pittsburgh to New York
It's a holy terrogation, boys, how I get through my work
While I'm seated at my glory in the barroom.

I can stand a set of timber, post, and bar or single prop.
I can throw a chain on the bottom or I can throw it up on top.
Oh, give me a pair of engines and be jeepers I'II not stop,
Till I land me triple wagons through the barroom.

I'II go down and work upon the platform or go out and run the dump.
I can put in pulleys on the slope or go down and clean the sump,
I can run a 20,000 horse-power steam engine pump-
That's providing that I have it in the barroom.

I'll go down and work the flat vein; I'II go up and work the pitch
I can work at the Potts or Newside-I don't care the devil which
I can show the old track layer how to decorate the ditch
Now haven't I often proved it in the barroom?

Now at driving I'm a daisy; just give me a balky team,
When I'II beat the spots off an evening run, be it water, wind or steam,
With your balance plates, and endless chains; they're nowhere to be seen,
When I pull me trip of wagons through the barroom.

Now at bossing I'm a daisy, and I know I'm no disgrace,
For I could raise your wages, boys, just twelve ccnts up the l'ast
Now didn't the Reading Company miss me when they didn't make their haste,0
And capture me, before I struck the barroom.

I can show the boss or super how the air should circulate,
I can show the boss fireman how the steam should generate;
Now the trouble at the Pottsville shaft, sure I could elucidate
Now haven't I often proved it in the barroom?

And now my song is o'er and I haven't any other,
For heaven's sake don't fire no more or else we'll surely smother
The landlord would rather throw us out than go to the bother
Of putting up a ventilator in the barroom.

And now my song is ended and I hope you'll all agree,
That if you want any pointers you'd better send for me,
But I'm not worth a good gol darn till I empty two or three
Of the very biggest schooners in the barroom.

From Pennsylvania Songs and Legends, Korson
Collected from Michael F. Barry, PA 1940

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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