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The Old Chain Gang

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The Old Chain Gang

Now honey dear, I know you're goin' to ask
Just where I been since you saw me last.
Well, I been down where the hammers ring,
Yes, I been down on the old chain gang.

They sent me up on a two year bill.
Well, I soon forgot what it was I did.
They chained me down with a dozen men.
I can't believe I'm in your arms again.

Night and day I didn't get no rest,
Just hold me tight to your lovin' breast.
See where the chains they used to hang,
Well, that's the mark of the old chain gang.

You'd never believe what a life I led
On the old chain gang, you're better off dead.
I'll never forget those songs we sang
While breaking rocks on the old chain gang.

That old chain gang is a tough old crew,
The boss is hard, I'm telling you.
He drug me to the cellhouse door
And laid me out on the cold stone floor.

Now honey dear, if he hits my trail
He's going to land me back in jail.
Let's kiss goodbye for a parting hand,
Let me go back there on the old chain gang.

From Hard Hitting Songs, Guthrie et al

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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