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Way down in Alabama where the bullshit lies thick,
The girls are so pretty that the babies come quick,
There lives Carolina, the queen of them all,
Carolina, Carolina, the cowpuncher's whore.

She's handy, she's bandy, she shags in the street,
Whenever you meet her, she's always in heat,
If you leave your fly open she's after your meat,
And the bouquet of her cunt knocks you right off your feet.

One night I was riding way down by the falls,
One hand on my pistol, one hand on my balls,
I saw Carolina there using a stick,
Instead of the end of a cowpuncher's prick.

I caressed her, undressed her, and laid her down there,
And parted her tresses of curly brown hair,
Inserted the prick of my sturdy roan horse,
And then there began a strange intercourse.

Faster and faster went my sturdy steed,
Until Carolina rejoiced at the speed,
When all of a sudden my horse did backfire,
And shot Carolina right into the mire.

Up got Carolina all covered in muck,
And said, "Oh dear, what a glorious fuck,"
Took two paces forward and fell to the floor,
And that was the end of that cowpuncher's whore.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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