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Cheerily, Man

Cheerily, Man

Haul altogether, aye yeo!
     Cheerily, man!
Haul for good weather, aye yeo!
     Cheerily, man!
She's light as a feather, aye yeo!
     Cheerily, man-oh!
Haulee, aye yeo!
     Cheerily, man!

To the cathead, aye yeo,
We'll raise the dead, aye yeo,
She's heavy as lead, aye yeo!

We'll haul again, aye yeo,
With might an' main, aye yeo,
Pay out more chain, aye yeo!
Chain stopper bring, aye yeo,
Pass through the ring, aye yeo,
Oh, haul and sing, aye yeo!

She's up to the sheave, aye yeo,
At the cathead we'll leave, aye yeo,
Soon the tackle unreave, aye yeo!

Oh, rouse an' shake her, aye yeo, oh,
Shake an' wake her, aye yeo, oh, l
Go we'll make her, aye yeo!

Avast there, avast, aye yeo,
Make the fall fast, aye yeo,
Make it well fast, aye yeo!

Pull one and all, aye yeo,
On the ol' catfall, aye yeo,
And then belay all, aye yeo!

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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