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Chilly Scenes of Winter

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Chilly Scenes of Winter

Chilly scenes of winter
Is trying to frost or snow
Dark clouds are gathering'round me
Where the chilly wind does blow.

The night is almost over
The chickens a-crowing for day
I will ask you for an answer
Oh, love what do you sway?

This may be your answer
I choose a single life
I never thought it suited
For me to be your wife.

In about three weeks or later
That lady's mind did change
She writted him a letter
Saying Mister I'm ashamed.

If it is you are slighted
And you so far from home
Here is my heart, take it
And claim it as your own.

It was me you slighted
And I'm so far from home
I have another true lover
One I can call my own.

There sits a turtle dove
On every bush and vine
To weep and moan for your true-love
While I rejoice with mine.

From May Carver (Cousin Emmy)
DT #650
Laws H12

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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