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The Chippewa Stream

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The Chippewa Stream

As I went a walking one evening in June,
A viewing the roses - they were in full bloom -
I met a pretty fair maid as I passed aiong;
She was washing some linens by the Chippewa Stream.

I went up beside her and I made a low bow,
And what I said to her I'll tell to you now:
"It's been twelve months or better my mind's been on thee,
And it's now we'll get married if you will agree."

O to marry, to marry, kind sir, I'm too young;
Besides all you young men have a false flattering tongue.
How cross would my mother and my father would be
If I was to wed with a rover like thee."

He turned around quickly, knowing well what to say:
"I wish you a good man, a good man I pray.
The sky it looks heavy, I think we'll have rain." -
So they shook hands and parted on the Chippewa Stream.

"O come back, love, come back, love, you've quite won my heart;
It is now we'll get married and never depart.
'Tis now we'll get married and happy I'll be,
And live happy together till the day we do die."

"O the last words you spoke, love, was far out of tune.
O the last words you spoke, love, I've quite changed my mind.
I think it's far better for single to remain
Than to court some pretty fair maid on the Chippewa Stream."

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
From the singing and recitation of Miss Greta Brown, Pictou County.
DT #705
Laws H10

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