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Goodbye My Chiquita

Goodbye My Chiquita

I'm a rambler, I'm a gambler, I'm a get rich quick scrambler,
I follow the laws that I make on my own,
Had to run to, take my gun to, south of the border,
But I ain't the kind that can live all alone.

cho: Adios, farewell, goodbye my chiquita,
     My love for you was never my crime,
     Adios, farewell, goodbye my chiquita,
     I leave you the love of a man in his prime.

Just a-riding and a-hiding, my time I was biding,
When I met a girl in an old village square,
With my love right beside me and with nothing to guide me,
Nothing but stars shining down on her hair.

Like a man I adored her---took her back to the border,
To make her my wife until death do us part,
But the posse was waitin' and the wild gun of Satan,
Shattered the love in my poor darling's heart.

Terry Gilkyson and the EASYRIDERS did this song on an old LP. 1950's I think the
hit song for them was "MARYANN" (Down by the seaside sifting sand---Even little
children love Maryann...) God knows why I saved these lyrics. The tune was
pretty nice as I remember it.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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