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The Chandler's Wife

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The Chandler's Wife

A tailor boy went to the chandler's shop, some candles for to buy
But when he got there and looked around, no chandler could he spy
So then he shouted loudly out, fit to raise the dead,
When he heard the sound of a * * * , right above his head.(2X)

Well, the tailor boy being a smart young lad, he bounded up the stairs
Determined to find out who it was,and catch them unawares
And there he found the master, with the mistress, making free
And they were having a * * * as plain as he could see (2X)

Now when the master's job was done, the mistress turned her head
And there she spied the tailor boy, a-standing by the bed
She said to him, "If you'll agree to what  I have in mind,
Why you can come up for a * * *, whenever you're so inclined." (2X)

So listen all ye married men, who travel from town to town
You'd better keep your wife locked up, you'd better tie her down
For If you do not heed me, just as sure as you have a wife,
Why, she'll be having a * * * most every day of her life.

Note: The immediate precursor of The Thing. See also Rap-Tap-Tap. Tune is
Lincolnshire Poacher.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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