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Christopher and Alice

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Christopher and Alice

Inside the yard at Buckingham Palace,
Christopher Robin went down on Alice.
"Dear little Christopher knows his stuff,
At 'Trying the Beard' and 'Noshing the Muff.'"
     Says Alice

Inside the yard at Buckingham Palace,
Christopher Robin's still gobblin' Alice.
"One more time, then after lunch,
I'll reciprocate and 'Munch the Trunch.'"
     Says Alice

Christopher Robin is getting his knob in,
Alice is down and gobblin' Robin.
She won't say a word while 'Tonguing the Tool,'
"Cos it's rude to talk when your mouth is full."
     Says Alice

They're plating away at Buckingham Palace,
Alice plates Robin and Robin plates Alice.
They're laying down upon the turf,
"Nothing compares with a Soixante Neuf."
     Says Alice

This gem (a parody of They're Changing Guards at Buckingham
Palace) contributed by Ian Cumming, who offers the following
explanation: "'Plate' (verb transitive) is short for Plate of
Ham, rhyming slang for Gam, short for Gamarouche, slang for
Cunnilingus, or more specifically Penilingisism." PW


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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