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City of Chicago

City of Chicago
(Barry Moore, AKA Luka Bloom)

Intro: G D Em
G      D       Em
In the city of Chicago
 G      D               Bm
As the evening shadows fall
 C         D
There are people dreaming
 C      D           Am
Of the hills of Donegal

  Am               C
Eighteen forty seven
         D           Em
was the year it all began
 Am              C
Deadly pains of hunger
         D                Em
Drove a million from the land
      Am                   Em
They journeyed not for glory
       Am            Em
Their motive wasn't greed
   Am             C
A voyage of survival
 D                 Em
Across the stormy sea

Some of them knew fortune
Some of them knew fame
More of them knew hardship
Died upon the plain
They spread throughout the nation
They rode the railroad cars
Brought their songs and music
To ease their lonely hearts


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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