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Cluster of Nuts

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Cluster of Nuts

In Liverpool there lived a merchant
A wealthy merchantman
He had a handsome prentice boy
As ever the sun shone on

cho: Singing fal de lal lal de ral li gee o
     Fal de ral lal de ral li gee o

He was proper tall and handsome
And everything being right
Said he could sleep with a pretty girl
And kiss her twelve times a night

His mistress being standing by
And hearing him say so
She says,  Jack I'll hold a wager
That you don't perform it so
Five pounds is the wager
And twelve times is the bet
And I myself will be the judge
When we are both in bed

His master being from home that night
And everything being right
He slipped into bed to his mistress
And kissed her twelve times that night

One of them being drowsy
Which there was no virtue
It caused his mistress for to say
The wager I did win

If I didn't win the wager
As I suppose you'd like
I'll leave it to my master
When he comes home at night
Be off you saucy fellow
Would you let your master know?
Indeed upon my honour ma'am
I do intend it so

When his master came home that night
And at his supper sat
Says Jack unto his master
Sir, I'm like to lose a bet

As your wife and I was walking
Down by the greenwood side
And I upon your mare's back
A cluster of nuts I spied

I said there were twelve of them
She said there were eleven
Then I shoved them in her apron
And there were five and seven
Five and seven is a dozen
As I've heard people say
So Jack you won the wager
And your mistress must you pay

His mistress being standing by
And hearing him say so
She clinked down the wager
And was glad to get off you know

When his master is from home
She continually stuffs his guts
And she claps him on the shoulder
Saying Jack remember the nuts!

from Sedley, Seeds of Love
Collected from William Bartlett of Dorset
Mid 19th century broadside

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