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Coastline of Mayo

Coastline of Mayo

In my search for fame and fortune
I've travelled many a mile
To be on the blue horizon that
Keeps calling all the while
I have seen all kinds of grandeur
But I'm longing still, I know,
For the little, friendly places on
The coastline of Mayo.

cho: Belmullet and Broadhaven
     Achill Island o'er the wave
     Croagh Patrick's holy mountain
     By the waters of Clew bay
     Clare Island, home of Granuaille
     Old Newport well I know
     All the friendly little places on
     The coastline of Mayo.

How ever far you travel
There's one place best of all
To be again in Westport
Is the wish I oft recall
If that wish cannot be given
May God grant me as I go
One last look from Heaven's casement on
The coastline of Mayo

<tune posted 11/4/99>

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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