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The Cobbler

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The Cobbler

I am a cobbler airy
That's lately gained my freedom-o
I fell in love wi' a wee broon lass
I'm afraid she will not hae me-o

  Whack dee do de dum
  Whack dee do de doody
  Whack do do de dum
  Kate, you are my darling

I am a shoemaker to trade
I'll work in rainy weather
O, I have made two pair today
From a side and a half of leather

"If I consent to be your bride,
Pray, how for me will you provide?"
"I have twa coos and a heifer
And I'll stay always by your side"

I have five pounds of money
And a good store of leather
And I've five pair o' auld shoon
And I'll batter them all together

Go hand me down my pegging awl
I stuck it right up yonder
Go hand me down my sewing awl
To peg and sew my leather

O, I have lost my ball of wax
And where will I go find it-o
It's enough to set an auld man mad
O, here it's when I mind it-o

My prentices and journeymen
It's they are always mending-o
And I'm a cobbler to my trade
And I am always spending-o

printed in Sam Henry Songs of the People

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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