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The Soldier's Farewell (White Cockade II)

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The Soldier's Farewell (White Cockade II)

It was one Monday morning
As I walked o'er the moss,
I never thought of 'listing,
Till the soldiers did me cross;
They kindly did invite me to pledge the ale so brown,
     They advanced me some money,
     They advanced me some money,
     They advanced me some money,
     Ten guineas and a crown.

Then, as I wore the white cockade
I marched into the town
To bid farewell to all my friends
Before I did go down,
Beneath a shady willow I saw my sweetheart lay
     Upon a mossy pillow (3x)
     And heard her, sighing, say:

'Tis true my love is 'listed
And he wears a white cockade.
He is a handsome young man
Besides a roving blade;
He is a handsome young man, he is gone to serve the king
     My very heart is breaking (3x)
     All for the love of him.

Oh, may he never prosper
Oh, may he never thrive,
Nor anything he takes in hand
As long as he's alive;
May the ground he treads fall under him, the grass he bends ne'er grow
     Since he has gone and left me (3x)
     In sorrow, grief and woe.

I pulled out my handkerchief
And wiped her flowing tears.
O, take this in remembrance
And calm your groundless fears,
And keep you in good company while I march o'er the plain,
     Then I'll be married to my love (3x}
     When I return again.

From Room for Company, Palmer

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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