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The Cod Banging Song

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The Cod Banging Song

Come come my lads and listern here
A fisherman's song you soon will hear
What I did and undergo
When first I did a cod banging go.

cho: To me lar fol de day riddle all the day
     This is a smacksman's life at sea.

How well I remember on the fourteenth of May
A big barque ship she came our way
She came our way and did let fly
And the topsail halyard flew sky high.

And now we draw near Harwich pier
The young and the old they both draw near
To see us get our fish on deck
And crack their skulls with a little short stick.

And now my song is nearly done
And I hope I've not affended one
I don't think I got it complete
For I've only been in the trade about a week.

From Bushes and Briars, Occomore and Spratley

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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