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Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil

      Em            B7
I'm a young married man that is tired of life,
                    Am       Em
Ten years I've been wed to a sickly wife.

G                               D
She does nothing all day but sit down and cry,
   Em         B7           Em
A praying to God she'd get better or die.


Oh Doctor, dear Doctor, Oh Doctor dear John,
                   Am    Em
Your Cod live: oil is so pure and so strong,
      G                                  D
I'm afraid of me life, I'd go down to the still,
      Em               Bm           Em
If me wife don't stop drinking your Cod liver oil.
Cod liver oil, Cod liver oil.

Now, an old friend of mine came to see me one day,
He said that my wife, she was pinin' away.
He afterwards told me that she would get strong,
If I got her a bottle from Doctor, dear, John.

Well, I got her a bottle, 'twas just for to try,
And the way that she drank it, you'd think she was dry;
I got her another, it vanished the same,
And now she's got Cod liver oil on the brain.

Now, my house it resembles a big doctor's shop,
'Tis filled up with bottles from bottom to top,
And when in the mornin', the kettle does boil,
You'd swear it was singin' out: "Cod liver oil !"

Now, come all you young fellows, where e'er you may be,
I hope you will heed this fair warnin' from me,
From sickely women, I pray you recoil,
Or you'll end up a-swimmin' in Cod liver oil!

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Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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