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Cole County Jail

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Cole County Jail

Last night ass I lay sleeping
I had a happy dream,
I dreamed that I was standing
Down by the violet stream.
And some pretty girl was standing by me
That 'd come to go my bail,
But I woke up broken hearted
All in the Cole County jail.

Up stepped John Sherman
About ten o'clock
With some keys in his pocket
Some cells for t'unlock
Says, "Cheer you up, my prisoner"
And I thought I heard him say,
"You're bound for old Nashville
Five long year to stay."

Up stepped my true lover
With ten dollars in her hand,
Says, "Take this dear Johnny
'Tis all that I command,
May Heaven's guide and protect you
Wherever you may go
T'was the devils snatch that jury
That sent you far below.

I used to wear a white hat
Ride a horse and saddle fine.
I used to court a pretty fair miss
And of course I called her mine.
I courted her for beauty
And 'er love to me did gain,
Till they sent me down to old Nashville
To wear the ball and chain.

From the Max Hunter Folk Song Collection
Collected from Fred High, AR 1958

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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