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Colly My Cow 2

Colly My Cow 2

Little Tom Dogget, what dost thou mean,
To kill thy poor Colly, now she's so lean:
     Sing , Oh poor Colly, Colly my Cow;
     For Colly will give me now more milk now.

Pruh high, pruh hoe, Pruh high, pruh hoe,

Sing pruh, pruh, pruh, pruh, pruh, pruh,

Tal dal daw.

I had better have kept her, till fatter she had been,
For now I confess she was a little too lean:
     Sing, Oh poor Colly, &c.
     First in comes the Tanner, with his sword by his side;

And he bids me five Shillings, for my Cows hide:

Sing, Oh poor Colly, &c.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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