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Wild Colonial Boy (2)

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Wild Colonial Boy (2)

There was a wild colonial boy, Jack Donald was his name;
He had poor but honest parents, brought up in Calais, Maine;
He was his father's only hope and his mother's only joy;
The pride of all the family was that wild colonial boy.

At the early age of sixteen he began his wild career,
With a heart that knew no danger and a stranger to all fear;
He robbed the mail at Beachforth and he robbed judge Maxwell's boy,
With a trembling hand gave o'er his gold to that wild colonial boy.

As Jack rode out with his comrades as they climbed the Mountain high,
"Together we will fight, my boys, and together we will die."
They robbed those wealthy squires and their flocks they did destroy,
And a terror to all nations was that wild colonial boy.

As Jack rode out one morning, as he gaily rode along,
A-listening to the mocking bird with a gay and gallant song,
Three mounted troopers came riding up, Swerly, Davis and Fitztroy;
They all rode out to capture that wild colonial boy.

"Surrender now, Jack Donald, you outlaw, plundering son,
Surrender in the Queen's name, don't you see we're three to one"
Jack, pulling out a revolver, a tiny little toy,
 "I'll fight, but I won't surrender," cried that wild colonial boy.

He whirled [the] Swerly trooper, he brought him to the ground,
Then turned and fired at Davis, gave him his mortal wound;
His face was covered with bloody foam while fighting with Fitztroy;;
There he was killed and captured, that wild colonial boy.

DT #427
Laws L28
From Barry, Maine Woods Songster

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