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Coming Down With Old VD

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Coming Down With Old VD
(Mark Cohen)

The single life's full of toil and strife
And it's lonely all the time
You hit the bars on Friday night
Looking for a thrill sublime
A one night stand can be something grand
But approach it carefully
It's not much fun to be the one
Coming down with old VD.

Coming down with old VD, me boys,
Coming down with old VD.
Don't get too close or you might get a dose
Coming down with old VD.

Now who'd have thought that you'd get caught.
Sometimes life's just not too fair
You took a chance; you asked her to dance.
Pretty soon you're floating on air.
But in a week you take a peek
Even though you'd rather not see
Now she's to blame, but what was her name
You've come down with old VD.

My friend Pauline is upright and clean
And she never plays around.
And her boyfriend Ted was true, she said
Even when he's out of town.
One day Pauline didn't feel too keen
So she went to Doctor Lee
Now she's kicked Ted out 'cause she found out
She'd come down with old VD.

Now times weren't bad when all we had
Was Syph, or Gonaree
If you got caught, you'd be cured with a shot
At your local clinic for free.
But those times my friend are at an end,
There is Herpes now, you see,
So there ain't no shot for what you've got
And you're stuck with your VD.

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