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Come in, Come in

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Come in, Come in

cho: Come in, come in, we'll do the best we can
     Come in, come in, bring the whole bloody clan
     Take it slow and easy and I'll shake you by the hand
     Set you down, I'll treat you decent, I'm an Irishman.

I have traveled East, I've traveled West
I roamed from town to town
I cut the harvest down and there are people up and down
Wherever I go the welcome mat was always waiting for me
So fill your glass along with us and sing Old Ireland Free.

When I am gone some other place, my memory growing dim
Just fill a glass, drink a toast, invite the colleens in
Think about the good old times and you'll remember me
When good old songs are roaring out and porter flowing free.

From Irish Rovers, Unicorn

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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