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Come and Join the Air Force

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Come and Join the Air Force

Come on and join the Air Force and get your flying pay,
You never have to work at all, just fly around all day.
While others toil and study hard and soon grow old and blind,
We'll take the air without a care and you will never mind.

cho: You will never mind, you will never mind
     Oh, come and join the Air Force
     And you will never mind.

Come on and get promoted as high as you desire
You're riding on a gravy train when you're an Air Force flyer;
But just when you're about to be a general you'll find
The engine coughs, the wings fall off, and you will never mind.

And when you loop and spin her and with an awful tear,
You find yourself without your wings but you will never care;
For in about two minutes more another pair you'll find,
You'll fly with Pete and his angels sweet and you will never mind.

You're flying over the ocean, you hear your engine spit,
You see your prop come to a stop, the God damn engine's quit.
The ship won't float, you cannot swim, the shore is miles behind,
Oh, what a dish for the crabs and fish, but you will never mind.

from There I was ... Flat on my Back, Stevens.
Note: no tune given, but I've heard it sung to Wabash Cannonball RG

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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