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The Comical Dreamer

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The Comical Dreamer

Last night a dream came into my head
Thou wert a fine white loaf of bread.
Then if may butter I cou'd be
How I wou'd spread
Oh! How I wou'd spread my self on thee.
     This morning too my thoughts ran hard
     That you were made a cool tankard
     Then cou'd I but a lemon be
     How I wou'd squeeze
     Oh! how I wou'd squeeze my juice in thee.

Lately, when fancy too did roam,
Thou wert my dear, a honeycomb;
And had I been a pretty bee
How I would suck
Oh! How I would creep, creep into thee.
     A vision, too, I had of old
     That thou a mortar wert of gold
     Then cou'd I but the pestle be
     How I wou'd pound
     Oh! How I wou'd pound my spice in thee.

Once too my dream did humour take
Thou wert a bowl of Hefford's Rack
Z___ cou'd I then the ladle be
How wou'd I pour
O! how wou'd I pour out joys from thee.
     Another time by charm divine
     I dreamt thou wert an orchard fine
     Then cou'd I but thy farmer be
     How I wou'd plant
     Oh! how I wou'd plant my fruit in thee.

Soon after whims came in my pate
Thou wert a pot of chocolate
And could I but the rowler be
How wou'd I rub
Oh! how wou'd I twirl and froth up thee.
     But since all dreams are vain my dear
     Let now some solid joy appear
     My soul still thine is prov'd to be
     Let body now
     Oh! let body now with soul agree.

note: Another "if you were__, I'd be__" RG
From Pills to Purge Melancholy, vol II, D'Urfey

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