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Come Josephine in My Flying Machine

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Come Josephine in My Flying Machine
(Alfred Bryan Music: Fred Fisher)

Oh! Say! Let us fly dear
Were, kid? In the sky dear
Oh you flying machine
Jump in, Miss Josephine
Ship ahoy!
Oh joy, what a feeling
Where, boy?
In the ceiling.
Ho, Hi
Hoopla we'll fly
To the sky so high..

cho:  Come Josephine In My Flying Machine,
      Going up she goes! Up she goes!
      Balance yourself like a bird on a beam,
      In the air she goes! There she goes!
      Up, up, a little bit higher,
      Oh! My! The moon is on fire
      Come Josephine in my flying machine,
      Going up, all on, "goodbye!"

One, two, now we're off,dear
Say you pretty soft, dear?
Whoa! dear don't hit the moon
No, dear, not yet but soon
You for me, Oh
Gee! you're a fly kid
Not me!
I'm a sky kid
Gee I'm up in the air
bout you for fair...


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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