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Compliments Returned

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Compliments Returned

Now that you've called on me to sing, I'll see what I can do
But I don't know what to sing about unless it be of you.
You've often said nice things of me, and I'm sure what you say is true,
So I'll just return the compliment and say what I think of you.

cho: Folerol-le-diddle ol
     Folerol-le-diddle ol

Now, with this young men I will begin as he is first in sight,
Pray, Sir, where did you get the tin you're spending here tonight?
Your conscience pricks you, I've no doubt, but you know that it is true.
That you've been been and put something up the spout.
So I don't think much of you,

Now there's a young man sitting there. I'm sure he's in disgrace,
Before he come in here tonight he should have washed his face,
But soap, he says, is very dear, to buy it, it won't do.
You think a great deal of yourslf,
But I don't think much of you!

Now there's a young lady sitttng there. I'm sure that I speak right,
She never goes out with her young man but she stays out half the night,
Now you may laugh and wink at me, but you know that it's all true.
Your mother, Miss, she told me this,
So I don't think much of you!

Now there's a couple sitting there, they make it a regular plan,
He talks to her so loving and says he's a single man,
But I tell you he's a married man and children has got two,
His wife says he can;t keep himself,
So I'm sure he can't keep you!

But now I think I'll shut my trap and not say any more.
But there's a young lady sitting there that I have seen before.
She says she wants to speak to me, but what she wants I know.
But I tell you I'm a married man
And I can't go home with you!

So now I think I'll say no more, by chance I make too free,
And, if I've tried to make you laugh, don't think the worse of me.
For it's all in jest what I have said and I don't think thet it's true
And I hope you'll think as much of me as I have thought of you!

From Marrow Bones, Purslow

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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