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The Commuter's Coronach

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The Commuter's Coronach
(David Diamond)

I've been a Commuter for many long years
And I've spent all my money on tickets and fares.
But now I'm retiring,  I've a pension in store,
And I never will play the commuter no more.

CHO: No, nay, never,  never no more,
     I never will play the commuter no more.

I went to a bus-stop I used to resort,
I felt in my pocket, my money was short.
I'd a ten and a twenty, but small-change I'd none,
And the damned old bus driver he won't let me on.


I go down the subway,  I can't find a seat,
It's hot and it's crowded, I'm dead on my feet.
They're doing repairs down the end of the line
And we're stuck in the tunnel till twenty-past nine.


I bought an old Rover, ninety thou on the clock,
And it belched out blue smoke as I drove 'round the block;
To park near the office, no meter I found,
And I got towed away and was fined fifty pounds.


<T'was a week ago Thursday that> I got the sack.
My wife and her boy friend were'nt expecting me back.
She said it was my fault she'd started to roam,
I was always so tired and never at home.


I've gone in by car-pool, by scooter and bike,
By rickshaw and pogo-stick, steam-train and trike,
By balloon and by camel,  but still it's my fate,
To leave home too early,  and get home too late


see also Wild Rover (No Nay Never) 

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