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Congratulations, Tom Dewey

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Congratulations, Tom Dewey

Congratulations, Tom Dewey
You won in a landslide today;
We knew you would win
Through thick and through thin
'Cause no one would vote
To let Truman stay in;
Congratulations, Tom Dewey
Your Republican dreams will come true
Here's a victory roar
For President thirty-four
The White House is waiting for you!

note: Based on a host of polls and media predictions of a Dewey
     landslide in the 1948 Presidential campaign, the Chicago
     Tribune printed an early morning edition that bore the
     headline proclaiming a huge Republican victory. Celebratory
     songs, like this one, were poised on the nations bandstands.
     Truman, and the electorate, failed to cooperate. RG

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