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The Maid's Conjuring Book

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The Maid's Conjuring Book

A young man lately in our town,
He went to bed one night;
He had no sooner laid him down
But was troubled with a sprite.
So vigorously the spirit stood
Let him do what he can,
"Sure then," he said, `it must be laid
By woman not by man.'

A handsome maid did undertake
And into bed she leaped;
And to allay the spirit's power
Full close to him she crept.
She having such a guardian care
Her office to discharge,
She opened wide her conjuring book
And laid the leaves at large.

Her office she did well perform
Within a little space;
Then up she rose, and down he lay
And durst not show his face.
She took her leave and away she went
When she had done the deed,
Saying, "If it chance to come again
Then send for me with speed!"

From Pills to Purge Melancholy, 1719. Tune: The Musical Lovers

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