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Corpus Christi Carol (2)

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Corpus Christi Carol (2)

   Lully, lully, lully, lully,
   The faucon hath born my make away.

He bare him up, he bare him down,
He bare him into an orcahrd brown.

In that orchard there was an halle,
That was hanged with purpill and pall.

And in that hall there was a bede,
It was hanged with gold so rede.

And in that bed there lithe a knight
His woundes bleding day and night.

By that bede side kneleth a may,
And she wepeth both night and day.

And by that bede side there standeth a stone,
"Corpus Christi" wreten there on.

The earliest version, taken down by R. Hill--see notes on
     Corpus Christi Carol;(An expanded version of this text is sung by
     Archie Fisher on "Will Ye Gang, Love.")
     bede: bed
     bleding: bleeding
     faucon: falcon
     halle: hall
     kneleth: kneeleth, i.e. kneels
     lithe: lyeth, i.e. lies
     make: mate
     may: maid
     purpill: purple (the royal colour)
     rede: red
     wepeth: weepeth, i.e. weeps
     wreten: written

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