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Lullay My Liking

Lullay My Liking

Cho:      Lullay my liking, my dear son, my sweeting;
     Lullay my dear heart, my own dear darling.

1. I saw a fair maiden sitten and sing:
She lulled a little child, a sweete lording:

2. That eternal Lord is he that made alle thing;
Of alle lordes he is Lord, of alle kinges King:

3. There was mickle melody at that childes birth:
Although they were in heaven's bliss they made mickle mirth:

4. Angels bright they sang that night and saiden to that child
"Blessed be thou, and so be she that is both meek and mild":

5. Pray we now to that child, and to his mother dear,
God grant them all his blessing that now maken cheer:

From the Oxford Book of Carols copyright in 1919 J. Curwen and Sons


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