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The Wreck of the C.P. Yorke

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The Wreck of the C.P. Yorke
(Stanley G. TRiggs)

1.  Oh, come all ye shipmates and listen to me
    To a story that will make you grieve
    Of a tug that went down off Tattenham Ledge
    'Twas on a Christmas Eve.

2.  The C.P. Yorke she was headin' north
    She was headin' north for Duncan Bay
    And though 'twas the mate stood watch at her wheel
    'Twas the devil that guided her way.

3.  She was just about five miles up in the Stretch
    When a south-east gale began to blow
    They headed for shelter in Buccaneer Bay
    That's the only place there was to go.

4.  In Welcome Pass the mate was alert
    For sight of the marker ahead
    But he cut 'er too short comin' out of the Pass
    And grounded on Tattenham Ledge.

5.  The barge dragged the tugboat off into the deep
    She sank twenty fathoms down
    Only the chief and the skipper survived -
    The five other men were drowned.

6.  They salvaged the tugboat and she's working yet
    She has a new crew brave and bold
    But she'll never forget that cold Christmas Eve
    Nor the ghosts of the five in her hold.

- by Stanley G. Triggs and on his record,
     "Bunkhouse & Forecastle Songs of the Northwest",
     Folkways FG 3569. JB


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