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The Crimean War

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The Crimean War

As I roved down through Irish town one evening last July,
The mother of a soldier in tears I did espy,
Saying: "God be with you, Johnny dear,though you are far from me;
For you my heart is breaking, since you went to the Crimee.

"O Johnny, I gave you schooling; I gave you a trade likewise
That you need not have joined the army had you took my advice.
You need not have gone to face your foes where cannons loudly roar,
And thousands fall their victims upon the Russian shore.

He joined the fourteenth regiment, it being a gallant corps;
They landed safe while mentioned upon the Russian shore.
He fought in four engagements with the loss of men each day,
O many's the mother shedding tears for them that's far away.'

"We fought at Balaklava where we did not succeed;
Down in the Valley of Inkerman where thousands there did bleed.
'Twas on the hcights of Alma that we did gain the day,
Young Johnny mentioned all to me, though he is far away."

The fighting at Sebastopol would give the world surprise;
It being so hard to take it, the enemy were so wise.
But Paddy's sons with British guns their valor did display,
And togethcr with the sons of France, thank God, we gained the day.

Now to conclude and finish, I mean to end my song;
I'm thankful to the great God that I've survived so long.
Likewise unto you, mother dear, for me you did adore,
I'm happy to return again to childhood's home once more.

DT #765
Laws J9

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