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The Cuckoo's Nest (3)

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The Cuckoo's Nest (3)

Some like a girl that's pretty in the face,
Some like a girl that's slim around the waist
But I like a girl with the bubbies on her breast
And a road that's easy traveled to her cuckoo's nest.

I took my little girl for a stroll in the fall
All that I thought about was a nice piece of tail
In a nice shady bower she agreed to take a rest,
And I gently slipped my hand upon her cuckoo's nest.

"Oh, no!" she cried, and began to scream and bawl,
That's one thing, sir, you mustn't do at all
Because my aged mother, whe would never be at rest
If you ruffled up the fethers on my cuckoo's nest.

Along came a pigeon and a rabboit through the grass,
Allong came a rattlesnake with a shell on his ass
Of all the birds and poultry, they all have a nest
It takes nine months to hatch out in the cuckoo's nest.

I had another girl, and her name was Bess,
I loved her better than any of the rest
She would wiggle and she'd giggle, and she'd heist up her dress
And I'd make a double circle of her cuckoo's nest.

Some like coffee and some like tea,
But I like rotgut as strong as it can be,
That's the last of my song, and you'll never know the rest
Of the stories I could tell about the cuckoo's nest.

From Whorehouse Bells Were Ringing, Logsdon

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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