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The Cowboy Song

The Cowboy Song
(Tim Wallace)

(Ccowboy sings)
I was ridin' along on the prairie when one day I happened upon
Some boys ridin herd into Denver, and the Trail Boss hired me on
They all seemed like regular fella's, we laughed and we joked and we swore
Then I noticed a mare with no rider, and I asked the boss "What that for?"

(Boss Replies in deep voice)
Well its a lonely life on the prarie, when the women are so far away
And old Buttercup sure comes in handy, whenever we need a good lay-dee-odle-ay

Well me, I'm an old fashioned cowboy, but I never learned that one in school
Here I was stuck on the prarie with a whole bunch of horsef---ing fools
But as time went on I got lonesome, and nature was takin its course
It wasn't too long till I found out that I was in love with a wonderful horse

I lead her away from the campfire, just me and my sweet Buttercup
I stood on top of an old barrel cactus and proceeded to hitch myself up
The trail boss heard the commotion, and found me a-humpin away
He stood there and laughed his fool head off, and this is what he had to say

(Boss) Well a man's gotta do what he has to,
       And son I aint puttin you down
       But when me an the fellas start feelin that way,
       We usually just ride her to town.

Copyright Tim Wallace

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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