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Daddy Played First Base

Daddy Played First Base
(Homer and Jethro)
Original words and music to Daddy Sang Bass:
Carl Perkins

[G] I remember when I was a lad
What a fine [C] baseball team we [G] had
Folks would come from miles around to see us [D7] play
We played the [G] Redsox, beat their sox off
We played the [C] Redlegs, beat their legs [G] off
We played the Astros, ... [D7] But it rained that [G] day.

cho: Daddy played first base, Mama played [G] second
     Brother and [C] sister were the catcher and the [G] pitcher
     Shortstop was a good old Boy Named [D7] Sue
     Three big, [G] home run hittin' guys
     Out in the [C] outfield shaggin' [G] flies
     Brothers Art and Bart and [D7] cousin Far-go, [G] too.

I remember one place so well
Stayin' at the old Baseball Hotel
Owned and operated by my uncle Fred
We all laughed when he explained
How the Baseball Hotel got it's name
The pitcher's on the table
And the catcher's under the bed.

Out to the barnyard we would go
Learnin' how to hit and run and throw
We had cows and horses all around the place
Once we laughed until we split
When my daddy got a hit
He slid into what he thought was second base.

Copyright Homer and Jethro

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