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My Daddy is Only a Picture

My Daddy is Only a Picture
(Thomas C. Dilbeck)

I ask a little boy to call his daddy
He said he couldn't and sighed
And when I ask him what was wrong
Here's what the boy replied.

My Daddy Is Only A Picture
In a frame that hangs on the wall
Each day I talk to my daddy
But he never talks at all.

I tell him all of my secrets
And all of my little plans
And from the way he smiles at me
I know he understands.

The angels took daddy to heaven
When I was just going on three
But I'll bet they never told him
How blue and lonesome we'd be.

I tried to cheer up my mommy
When the tears rolled down her face
My Daddy Is Only A Picture
But I'm trying to take his place.

Repeat last verse.

Recorded by Eddy Arnold
Words and music by

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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