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Danny Boy, Rest in Pieces

Danny Boy, Rest in Pieces
(Shay Vino)

 I met him in a pub one night
 In a crowd of Well-to-do's
 He had a claddagh on each finger
 And a shamrock on each shoe.
 And when he said Top o' the Mornin'
 My heart was filled with dread.
 Well he said his name was Danny Boy
 So I shot him in the head.

 Raise up a cheer and lift your pints
 And hold them way up high.
 And sing a song of tragedy beneath the Irish sky.
 From the glen the pipes are calling,
 But he never will reply.
 For I buried Danny Boy beneath
 the fields of Athenry.

 I thought I might drop him in Gallway Bay.
 Well I buried Danny Boy beneath
 the fields of Athenry.

 Well the guarda, they fell upon me
 And they took away my gun.
 And a hush fell o'er the crowd
 When they saw what I had done.
 Said the guarda, "God forgive me,
 For I'm sure in hell to burn."
 Then he shot poor Danny once again
 To make sure he won't return.


 Well, some call me a hero
 And some call me a fiend.
 But they still sing his sad ol' song
 While drinking beer dyed toxic green.
 But my sentence, it was commuted.
 It seems I'm off scott free.
 Well, I think I'll have another pint
 And wait for Michael Flatly.


Copyrighted 1998 Shay Vino
 The Clare Voyants

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